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For the educators.

You shouldn't
have to
feel tired,
after getting them
feel inspired.

Imagine what you could accomplish today if your staff felt empowered, energized and inspired - instead of burnt out?


We've created a 90 day leadership development program designed to empower teachers to become engaged and inspired leaders, and reclaim their passion for education. Rather than feeling burnt out, we provide the resources and support to help our educators feel rejuvenated through community, creativity, reflection, play, and restorative best practices. As a result, we create a team of confident and accountable leaders who feel excited by the challenges they face in the classroom; with the internal and external tools to handle them. So what does this mean for you? More time creating and executing your vision for your school, and less time managing the difficult behaviors within it. Let's work together to empower your staff, and buy you some more time to do the work you love.

Imagine what you could accomplish today if your staff felt energized, empowered

and inspired - instead of burnt out?

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Aaron Reader


Seattle Theatre Group

Ebony Arunga

Executive Director



Tiffany Hernandez

Seattle Convention Center


Malik is a highly talented, passionate, and positive person who cares deeply about supporting students and adults to maximize their potential. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious and allow individuals to really believe in themselves. I worked with Malik as a trainer in his previous position and the educators and students really valued working with him. His presence and leadership made a positive impact at these schools. He taught students and staff new skills and strategies and then empowered them to take this new information and apply it each day. I highly recommend partnering with Malik! He’s a one-of-a kind person and talent who will make your school a better place for students and staff.

Ryan Voegtlin

Director of Student Services at Anne Arundel County Public Schools


Malik was an amazing facilitator and we got time to do a lot of meaningful team building. Wish we could have trainings like this all the time.


Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster

Several of the games, and the super-positive, inclusive leadership style that we saw modeled by Malik, the facilitator who was at our school today. I appreciated his buoyant spirit and positive energy. I'm repeating myself, but Malik was the ace in the hole for today's training - the games that he presented were great in themselves, but his attitude and the clear, kind and confident way that he led our group, and his sense of humor and clear belief in the program, was what put it over the top for me. It's hard to find time to do training the week before students come back to classes - this training was 1000 percent worth the time and painless, too - it answered many questions i've had on my mind for years about engaging students in play - thank you!

Classroom Teacher

The Lab School of Washington (DC)

Ready to help transform your teachers into leaders?

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What's Included In The
Educator Excellence Leadership Program.

90 Day Coaching Program

The Educating Excellence Leadership Program is designed to reignite your team's purpose and passion for education, and provide tools to heal teacher burnout by holistically strengthening each individual within the collective. In this program, Educators will be guided through 13 weeks of personalized Breakthrough Coaching - learning best practices for confidence building, self-regulation, proactive group management, ownership and responsibility and more. 

Group Management Trainings

We use a play centered approach to evidence based practices which provide our leaders with the tools to connect and engage with any group of students, in any situation. From the classroom, to the lunch room; recess to 1:1 supporting - leaders learn tested and proven strategies to manage student groups with a relationship first approach. Rather than yelling, threatening, and sending students to the principal in difficult situations - teachers develop the poise and play centered mentality to efficiently and effectively manage difficult situations both proactively, and at the onset. 

Weekly Mastermind

Meeting virtually each week, educators learn in a small group setting within a safe space dedicated to cultivating curiosity, understanding and self-mastery. Within each session, participants are guided through one of the 13 Educator Excellence pillars with space given for Q+A and best practice sharing throughout. With connection, compassion and creativity being the driving values of the space, leaders cultivate community in new and meaningful ways creating a culture of deep trust and accountability both within and outside of the school. 

Private Community

Educators connect amongst their peers in a private Facebook group dedicated to their shared experiences throughout the 90 day journey. With the page being made to uplift personal growth and provide emotional support, our leaders have a place to share their wins and challenges in an environment of growth and transformation.

Resilience Training

Throughout the 13 weeks, Educators learn a variety of mindfulness practices to self-regulate and thrive in high-stress situations. Throughout the training, participants are encouraged to see challenges as opportunities, and engage in previously difficult situations with radical accountability and compassion. With an emphasis being placed on the application of these techniques, these emerging leaders test their learning in real life situations and receive coaching to reflect on, and correct their course.

Educator Incentives

Part of the program fee is dedicated to providing a generous stipend for each of the educators, every single week. We acknowledge and appreciate your team for their hard work and willingness to show up, and it's already built into your investment! 

Let's Create Together!

If you're interested in partnering with SEL Hip-Hop, click the link below to schedule a 20 minute informational call with us to see how we can best support you and your school's needs.

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