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For the students.

Create A Culture of Connection,
Creativity & Belonging with
Engaging Social & Emotional Learning
Based Programming.

We use a play centered, music based curriculum to engage students in a high energy, interactive, & culturally relevant social and emotional learning experience – empowering confidence & creativity within the students you serve. 



My name is Estefania, I am the Bilingual Education Program Coordinator at FriendsPDX. For me personally, I was a little nervous at first to do the workshop because poetry isn’t one of my strengths, but Malik made it super easy to get comfortable. 


Aside from the workshop that was fun and engaging the entire time, Malik had such positive, fun, welcoming, yet calm, and peaceful energy about him. His engagement with youth was incredible, from the very social youth to the timid youth, he did great with everyone. He was encouraging and provided such a great space for the students and adults.

Estefania Perez

Friends of The Children PDX


My name is Elizabeth and I’m a Professional Mentor at Friends of the Children.  I participated in one of SEL Hip-Hop's Songwriting Workshops with a few coworkers and some of our program youth.  I figured I’d be in the room to help support the youth I was with, and I had no intention of saying much, let alone sharing my free verse.  Right away, Malik set the tone by asking and remembering all our names and what kind of music each of us enjoyed.  The room was instantly comfortable and fun, allowing each of us to be exactly who we are.

What stood out to me as the session continued, was how Malik consistently and authentically gave each person in the room a voice.  The youth I was with is pretty shy, and soon she was raising her hand, offering ideas for our group rap song. I, at first reluctant, found myself fully engaged and having a great time.  My youth and I swapped our rap verses and got up and shared them with the group!  I did not see that coming.  When the session was over, we were still humming the songs and tapping the beat.

Whether you have a spark for music making or you just want a few hours of fun, Malik’s workshops leave you feeling part of something special.

Elizabeth Jacobs

Friends of The Children PDX

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In Class Workshops

Malik performs and facilitates songs and activities which serve as interactive tools to engage students in exercises encouraging critical thinking, community building and self-reflection. With each song prompting a short, curated discussion related to themes like – personal power, culture/heritage appreciation, and gratitude – Malik LovesYall uses Hip-Hop and an engaging, call & response performance to inspire students to reflect on the many ways in which their own unique perspectives and personal/collective journeys can help them positively impact the world around them.


Three Day Songwriting Intensive

Malik facilitates up to four, 45-60 minute Hip-Hop Songwriting Workshops for select classrooms during instructional time. In these workshops, Malik empowers students to use creative writing as a means to better understand and connect with themselves and others, while building skills associated with self-regulation, confidence and compassion. With a beginner-friendly curriculum, Malik makes songwriting simple while building literary skills using similes, metaphors, rhyming, alliteration and more through games and music.


Five Day Songwriting Intensive 

In this three day masterclass, Malik empowers students to use songwriting and performance as a means to better understand and connect with themselves and others, while building skills associated with self-regulation, literacy and public speaking. With daily sessions ranging from 45-60 minutes (depending on time considerations), this three day intensive culminates in a group performance for friends and family where each student gets an opportunity to showcase and perform one of their very own creations.

The five day intensive allows Malik to transform the classroom into a mobile recording studio – empowering students to document their stories in a unique and tangible way. Students receive all of the social and academic benefits of the one and three day intensives, however, in this session – students leave the week with an album featuring original songs produced by Malik himself. The album is distributed via a private Soundcloud link for students to share with their family and friends.

Let's Create Together!

If you're interested in partnering with SEL Hip-Hop, click the link below to schedule a 20 minute informational call with us to see how we can best support you and your school's needs.

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